What type of trader are you?

Here is a useful link, that a trading friend of mine found, to help define what kind of trader you are. It comes from the site of Van Tharp a well-known and respected Trader Coach who was covered in Jack Schwager’s book Market Wizards and was one of the final candidates for the Richard Dennis’s Turtle Trader program.

The test should take about 4 minutes and whilst not exhaustive should give you a good idea on what type of trader you are and where your strengths and weakness lie (should you not be painfully aware of them already).


It would be interesting to see what peoples results are from the test.

My own result was Detailed Trader.
A detailed trader tends to earn success by being through, methodical, systematic, organized, and dependable. A detailed trader is also realistic and responsible as long as things make sense.

As a detailed trader I have two of the three core qualities: I make logical decisions and I am orderly, but my love of detail makes it harder for me to grasp the big picture. I am willing to take complete responsibility for my trading results, this also means that I take responsibility to understand the big picture and interconnected relationships. I can change my thinking so that I treat trading as a business.

The report goes on and gives areas to address in my trading.
1: Being over critical of myself and not recognising mistakes.
2: Trading under stress.