What a funny week indeed it was

What a funny week indeed it was. I’ve just recovered from the flu and then having to deal with a little issue with our emails our server having a few issues it’s been an eventful. I decided to go to the Traders’ Expo to take a quick look around and attend a few meetings. I did not tend to stick around too long on Saturday and the weather and the Park was calling me, As soon as I walked into onto the 2nd floor I bumped into an old Trader buddy of mine that was speaking at the event ( Not seen them for about 2 years or so and it’s amazing how time races by. We got talking about trading and a few things about setups and how everything was going then I ended up talking to a new trader that was getting to grips with forex. The topic quickly turned over to how many trades do you take a month the number I got back from the budding trader was over 40 now that is a lot but I remember when I started trading I was trading over 70 trades/month now it’s only a couple a week.

That’s a big progression when I look back so I decided to that today I will give you an extract from our Training manual about over trading. It’s really simple after you’ve gained the experience.

“Overtrading is a simple thing to say. I think you are trading too much. But when
You’re making winning trades, overtrading is not a problem. It’s when you are
making losses that overtrading can be easily measured. When I first started
trading, I was trading over 100 trades per month.
That’s right, 100 trades per
month. Yet when I was making huge profits, it was not a problem. When your
bottom line is in profit, who cares? When you are not making huge profits,
overtrading becomes a big, big problem and creates a massive feedback loop into
your confidence or lack of it…”

Also we got a wonderful testimonial from one of our guys in New Zealand and it gave the whole a team a great lift that our client has done so well.