Only 3 Days to Go,Go,Go!!

As we mentioned yesterday, we were asked about how long our prices will stay this low? Well if it was the housing market we would have just laughed and raised the price and keep on raising it till the they stopped asking if the price will be going up!

Fortunately we are a lot kinder than estate agents. That’s why we are letting you know that our prices are going up. We’ve had many questions as to why was our prices have been so, so, low?

Well it’s simple it was our new flag ship training program where we wanted to help the UK, the nation as a whole from wasting their money and making their money work for them. No small feat. The Veritas trading team created a challenge. How do we get people making money from FOREX without breaking their Bank.

Simple we offered low, low prices with a 7 day free trial. Those that signed up and which has been quite a few, in the last few months we’ve had over 500 enquires. The ones that took the next step followed our program and started making money! Why because it works and now we can boast about that to you guys just sitting on the fence!

Are you waiting for house prices to come back down so you can get the housing ladder? Did you buy too high and now you are waiting to just breakeven? Either way you know what its like to miss the boat?

So what are you missing?

Well you are missing out on how to trade the forex market and the index market and you are not making that 20-30% month.

We have done this trading live !! with our clients…

So how much is 20-30% ROI worth to you?

If you want it at our launch rates you have 3 days left to join our clients that are having success right now!!!