Bull and Bears Make Me MONEY. What about you?

Today was a good day! Trading is simple if you keep that way. I always time my trades and We know in the live trading room that our trades last about 30-60 mins. Today was simple! Why? Because I looked at the pull backs in a up trend and used a few key tools to watch the market.

Our Clients made profits because they follow our method and can adapt it to there own lifestyle such as work! play and eveything in between.

If you are frustrated with you trading then take a step back to work out why. It is easy to lose lots of money in a few mintues because you are not following a good plan. if you would like to know how to create a good trading plan why not join us for our Trading workshop next month

Veritas Traders Comment: We will be doing a very clever workshop on the whole aspects of trading. We have found that workshops offer you the ability to compare yourself with others and grow into a successful trader. IF you are a newbie then it will let you know all the mistakes that pros made (I remember those days)

Come and join us so we can teach about 360 degrees of trading. From the markets to your broker to your trading platform. We have so much Experience we are happy to share it with you!