A Wonderful Wedding! 260 + points in Forex

This week has been a fantastic week for the forex side of things and Alan is very happy to show you what we did in the live trading room. Every week I try and think of a topic that could go with trading! Last week it was “Inception” The last few months has been the weather, sports and the summer relaxation and vacations. Today not sure! I was a t a wedding on Saturday and it was great to see my cousin getting married it just made the day even more special.
This is why I trade for a living, not to attend weddings but to enjoy life. We speak to a lot of people that contact us about wanting to use trading to enhance their lives and use the proceeds from trading . Well this week was great we took quite a lot of points in forex and we will be using those proceeds to do something wonderful with it.

Now down to business, We have 2 modules from our training session from 2 weeks ago and we have one more on Trading Psychology, Unfortunately there was a technical problem with the recording so we reschedule. We are looking forward to this and we are considering opening it up to everyone so we can get some valuable input. We will keep you posted.

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